Sunday, September 10, 2006

No Longer Using Blog!

I am no longer going to be posting here! Mom Colleen Email me and I will tell you my myspace address.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rose and Willie!

This is me and my boyfriend Willie Riggs! Hope that things are great with ya and that you are having a great day! May God Richly Bless You in all you Do!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Overwhelmed with being in love and GOD'S Awesomeness!

I have been examining some things iin my life and can you believe that God is fulfilling promises that He made to me years ago. I never that in my wildest dreams that I would ever be obediant enough for Him to fulfill them. BUT I am watching them unfold before my very eyes. God is so AWESOME! I have never been this content woth my life. I do not see how anything, other than being married to the man of God's choice, could make my life anymore thrilling. I never imagined that I could obtain the life I so desire to have but as I abide in God I see that life unfolding. It ROCKS!
I am falling more and more in love every day of my life. My boyfriend is the greatest. He is becoming more and more my best-friend every day. I LOVE YOU WSRIV! I spend 99% of my time either with my boyfriend, praying for my boyfriend, talking to my boyfriend, texting him, or thinking about him. At the same time focusing on my Father God and learning more every day. I am so thrilled that this awesome man of God has chosen someone that has done the things that I have done and been through the things that I have been through to be the love of his life. We grow closer and closer together every day as we both grow closer to God. At times, as so does he, I feel like I am going to wake up and this is going to be one of those vivid dreams that seems so real you can't stand to think that it isn't. I know that we are in God's will though and that Willie is stuck with me for a long time. Ok, not stuck with me, blessed with me being a part of his life. Even if things turn out horribly at some point I will never ever regret loving him or being with him.
Things seem to get more and more awesome every day!! THANK YOU FATHER GOD FOR BLESSING MY BEYOND MY IMAGINATION!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Starting to double think this blog!

I am starting to rethink this blog. I think that I may just stop blogging because I think that my othamotha and my boyfriend are the only ones who read it and my othamotha never leaves me comments anymore. Please tell me, do you read it or not?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Two Things On My Mind:



Can't imagine life being any better right now!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Just Stuff!

I have been busy latley but more and more blessed every day. I am completely sunburned. I went out on my cousins boat and we kinda broke down. It took us 5 minutes to get to the fishing hole and 4 hours to get back with the troller motor that didn't work very well. I look like a lobster in some places.

I have been spending time with Budro. Ok, by the way if you know me well you already know his name but budro's real name is Willie! I am so in love with him. I haven't been this happy in, well I think that I can say never. I couldn't ask for a more awesome guy.

I have to go to work tonight so I am going to go for now. Hope all is well with all who read this.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Feeling Loved and More Beautiful!

I do not plan on finishing my other blog... I have decided to move on and not bother with that issue.

I am feeling more and more loved every day! Budro and I are are officially going steady. I couldn't be more thrilled about that. Last friday he took me to this restraunt in Lake Jackson called Mother Theresa's. It is a true Italian restraunt. The owner came from Italy and she cooks the meals from scratch. She cooks it like she is in her own kitchen. The setting is very romantic. Budro bought me a red rose. He also, told me he loved me as more than a friend. I am so in love that my family is tickled to finally see me so happy. I LOVE YOU budro!!!!

Budro likes to tell me things like, "I have the most beautiful girlfriend in Brazoria County." This makes me feel more and more pretty. God has already changed my view of myself from thinking that I am ugly, no really ugly, to believing that I am the most beautiful creation He ever made. The more beautiful God makes me on the inside the prettier I feel on the outside.

Things are going good. I am tired a lot but that comes with only getting enough sleep to get by. I spend every evening with Budro, except Sundays! I don't get enough sleep on Sundays because of church.

Lord, help me to stay focused on you. Help Budro and I to follow your every will and to never forget that you come first even before each other.